Employee Handbook and Policy Quick Reference


This is an abridged version of JupiterOne’s security policy that all workforce members are required to be familiar with and comply with.

Your Responsibilities

You are assumed to have read and fully understood the corporate security and privacy policies, standards, guidelines, controls and procedures even if you haven’t. This handbook is meant to serve as a “Getting Started” guide and quick reference.

Security is everyone’s responsibility. If this is not your first job, don’t do anything that might get you in trouble at your previous workplace. When in doubt, stop and ask.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for end-user computing

All employees and contractors of JupiterOne must agree to and comply with the JupiterOne Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

!!! Important Compliance with JupiterOne’s AUP is mandatory, regardless of level-of-employment or job function!


You will be prompted as part of onboarding, and periodically going forward, to complete the following security training:

Your responsibilities for computing devices

JupiterOne provides company-issued laptops and workstations to all employees. JupiterOne currently does not require or support employees bringing their own computing devices.

The laptops and/or workstations assigned to you are yours to configure and manage according to company security policy and standards. You are responsible to

IT and Security provides automated scripts for end-user system configurations and/or technical assistance as needed.

You are also responsible for maintaining a backup copy of the business files local on your laptop/workstation to the appropriate location on JupiterOne file sharing / team site (e.g. Google Drive). Examples of business files include, but are not limited to:

!!! important

DO NOT backup critical data such as eCustomer data or PII to file sharing sites.
If you have such critical data locally on your device, contact IT and
Security for the appropriate data management and protection solution.

Unless the local workstation/device has access to Critical data, backups of user workstations/devices are self managed by the device owner. Backups may be stored on an external hard drive or using a cloud service such as iCloud if and only if the data is both encrypted and password protected (passwords must meet JupiterOne requirements).

Getting help

Support for most of our business applications are self-service, such as password reset via Google G Suite.

If needed, users may use our internal service desk to request IT and Security support. Common requests include:

How to report an incident or suspicious activity

You are responsible to report all suspicious activities and security-related incidents immediately to the Information Security team, by one of the following channels: